Silk Kurtis for Women

Silk Kurtis for Women

Silk Kurtis for Women are in vogue these days. Their styling is constantly revolving and evolving too. With their innovative ideas, designers have made them more stylish to wear. Silk is the finest yarns ever.

It comes in a number of varieties. Light weight silk for blouses and heavy weight for suits. It can be dyed to a lot of different colors. Its silky touch and refined shine brings out the color to the surface fabric.

Fabric to Chose

Silk fabric can be:

Soft, usually pajamas are made with the softer one. It gives a fall in the pants or pajamas.

Crisp, More often Silk Kurtis for Women are made with the crispier one.

This fabric needs a lot of care when it comes to its stitching. Because it’s so elegant, soft and drape, it easily slips away. Sometimes softer silk is used for making kurtis, gowns and night suits too.


Silk Kurtis for Women look extremely suave. They can be embellished with:

Embroidery: different types of threads and beads are used in embroidery. Sometimes different patterns from multi-colored sequins are also made.

Applique: multi-styles applique patches are stitched on these kurtis to make them look modish

Wire work: the most graceful of all is wire work or tilla. This beautifies its grace more.

These days tilla patches for neckline, back motif, shoulder patches are separately bought and sewn on the cloth piece. Dull gold, silver and copper colors are used to embellish them. Small stones are glued in between too.

Silk Kurtis for Women are available on almost all shopping outlets. They can be worn with jeans, shalwars and straight pajamas.

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