Sana Safinaz Lawn

Perils and Pitfalls of Sana Safinaz Lawn

Sana Safinaz Lawn has always tried to stand out of the pack from the day it stepped in. The unceasing, vigorous and staunch efforts put by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer made them famous in all over Asia. They knew and still know the best when it comes to clothing for women of every age group. From haute couture to pret wear to now bridal diffusion, they have it all!

The Revolutionary Struggle

They say “We are two limping Camels”… Sana Safinaz Lawn has been struggling with the Pakistani culture since 1990s. They have always tried to maintain a balance between fashion and customs. What they have always wanted to present with their collections, they actually couldn’t.

They feel culture is their main hindrance. They wanted to showcase the complete fashion to everyone by introducing sleeveless and spaghetti straps in their lawn pret wear. Unfortunately they couldn’t blend it in mainstream as a whole. But they haven’t lost the game, they are still in.

The Elusive Quality

Sana Safinaz Lawn has maintained its exceptional quality. Every year they come up with unique designs, and color amalgamations for their customers. Floral prints, architectural showcases and graphical representations are their playing keys. Vibrant hues are their passion. All of these qualities sync together to present you the top-notch lawn collection!

The Planned Maintenance

Sana Safinaz Lawn has not compromised on its standards. They have maintained a name in the list of big guns of our fashion industry. Their hotshot name is worth-buying.

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