Embroidered Kurtas for Men

Embroidered Kurtas for Men

The trendy and airy embroidered Kurtas for Men are in these days. Men also want to beautify their looks as well as look decent. Just like women, their fashion evolves rapidly too.

Now day’s designers are paying special attention to to what men plan to wear. Generally, most of the brands that initially began with feminine outfits have now started designing men’s attires too. Being one of the most congenial and slouchy wear, embroidered Kurtas for Men are in fashion.

There are many types of embroidered kurtas available for men. Brands like Junaid Jamshed, Ahsan Khan, Shahid Afridi, Maria B are all selling formal and informal embroidered Kurtas for Men.

This embroidery is seen on neckline, collar, and cuffs, sometimes on pockets and on a back motif. Both formal and casual wear kurtas may have a difference in the quantity of embroidered patches, fabric and colors.

Today, embroidered Kurtas for Men are available in almost all colors. Men can wear them on wedding functions like mehndi, Eids or casually when meeting out with friends. These kurtas are paired with shalwars mostly but some designers offer them with straight loose fit pajamas.

One can wear them with jeans too. Cotton fabric is used for these kurtas in summers majorly. Sometimes a mix of lawn-cotton or only lawn is also used depending on the customer’s choice.

Seems like these light airy kurtas will remain in fashion for a long time to beat this hot weather of Pakistan, so grab one for yourself.


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