Asim Jofa’s Stance On The Meesha-Ali Case

The notable Pakistani lawn ruler delivers a statement concerning the whole Meesha-Ali war case through his facebook account.

Asim Jofa

In a lengthy post, the Fashion Designer says. That he is not a very public person. But after seeing how a man and his family have been a victim to such targeted abuse. He feels compelled to stand up for what is right. He says “For many years. I have had the honor of hosting many people from the industry.

At my house in Karachi.” He mentioned that he got to know Ali recently and have had the honor of having him over to my place a couple of times and the film, fashion and the show biz industry is a closely knitted one.

Mostly we are somewhat aware of each other’s personalities, lifestyle. But at the same time respect each other’s privacy as no one is a saint including men and women both. He wrote on his facebook account that singling out this one-man just before his film and a big contract for a multinational. The disgusting campaign against him on social media. I felt it my moral duty to speak out from what I have seen him as and I will be blunt!

Asim Continues

That he has personally witnessed women throw themselves at Ali Zafar, flirt with him, ask him to cast them in his next film or music video, even sometimes harass him and what not and I have seen this man humbly and decently stand his ground and respectfully deal with all without making any judgment on anyone privately or publicly. Now he doesn’t know what happened with him and Meesha.

Because he mentioned he wasn’t there, but then given the facts and evidence that are now out there, it is a no brainer that an innocent man has been made a target of a well-orchestrated campaign to damage his career, said by Asim.

Jofa condemned the whole accusation saying:

“I openly and strongly stand against such criminal aggression and I stand by Ali Zafar, his wife Ayesha and his family who are the real victims here. I encourage all to for the sake of humanity see things on their merit and stand up for the truth. This cannot be a man vs. woman war. It’s right against wrong.”

After the continuous war between the two singers- Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have now been talked by different channels. People now have deeper insight into Meesha’s claim- thus an increase in more fiery debates over the matter.

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Before Fame

He started his career in fashion with a jewelry line called The Diamond Gallery. He was previously certified in Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.


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