Benefits of Sporting Sindhi Ajrak

Ajraks are typically 70 by 95 Inches Chadder (Little larger than Single Bedsheets). People of Sindh use this as a scarf as well as razai (Summer Spread). It’s a symbol of brotherhood, love, and peace among Sindhi people. In case you have a Sindhi Friend. You wish to gift him something which will make her/him proud. Send an Ajrak.

Ajrak has several advantages because it becomes warm in winters and cold in summers. Therefore, Next time once you see a Sufi or Sindhi Guy sporting an Ajrak. He’s getting some coldness out of hot and humid weather.

Famous Block styles of Sindhi Ajrak:

Designs of Sindhi Ajraks are classified with their dyes and stamps, some of the noted styles of Sindhi Ajraks are

  • Chakki Sindhi Ajrak
  • Badami Sindhi Ajrak
  • Hasha Sindhi Ajrak
  • Gulab Patti Sindhi Ajrak
  • Bunki dana Sindhi Ajrak

Buy Hand-Woven Sindhi Ajrak Online In Pakistan

Sindhi Ajrak is one of the oldest and most followed cultural ancient products in Pakistan. Block printed material features a relation with ancient Chinese & Aryan civilization. In ruins of Mohenjo Daru, one amongst the oldest cities of Sindh researchers found some wooden blocks of Ajrak. That is currently part of the Sindh museum Jamshoro. Ajrak has 7-9 Procedures of preparation and block. It’s typically manufactured from Pure Cotton

Sindhi Ajrak From Rich Sindhi Culture

Sindhi Ajrak is a basic wear essential of Sindhi culture. It’s utilized by the men as a turban and as a shawl and chaddar by the women. Sindhi Ajrak is taken from antiquated civic establishments of The Indus valley. This exists from 2500 BC to 1500 BC.

It consists of one of its types of printing ways.

Ajrak is printed from the two sides and therefore the printing of Ajrak is thought of as two-side printing. People with hand with facilitate of engraved wooden pieces finish this printing. These Blocks are printed over and once more to form a pattern. Ajrak creator to influence a decent and impeccable to the pattern utilizes ruler and compass. Block creating is a family tradition coming down from generation to generation. The significant procedure of creating Sindhi Ajrak is named Teli Ajrak and a distinct method is Sabuni Ajrak, Do Rangi Ajrak, and Kori Ajrak.


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