Latest Indian Dresses

Pakistani Embroidered Dresses or Indian Dresses

Embroidery is one of the oldest adornments of clothing. In fact every woman likes embroidered Indian Dresses. These days embroidery can be done by machines too. But hand woven embroidery seems expensive and worth buying.

Therefore, our designers still provide special stocks of hand crafted embroidered outfits. They seem traditional yet modern.  For instance, Khaadi.

Talk of the Town

To start with, Nomi Ansari offers his latest collection of embroidered chiffon collection which looks like Indian Dresses. Currently advertised by Mehwish Hayat, they seem ostentatious.

Surely, they are in limelight these days. Although he excels in bridal dresses, but his current launch proves his multiplicity in party wear too. These outfits seem heavily embroidered and fit for a formal gathering. They can be worn as Eid dresses.

Next come MariaB. she never lags behind. She offers her aesthetic M broidered Collection. It seems luxurious. The embroidery can be seen in dull-gold, purple and blue color. Whereas, the suits are available in black, maroon, peach pink, and shades of white majorly.

All of these look extremely graceful. Her Dresses seem perfect for any party or formal meet up. In addition, she not only proposes them in chiffon, but also in net fabric. Moreover, the borders seem embellished with stylish cut work, laces and frills.

Lastly, Sana Safinaz competes to their fullest. They offer artistic Pakistani Dresses. They look colorful and flashy. Every girl would love to wear them. They proffer them in pret wear. Also, these can be worn with pencil trousers and printed chiffon dupattas.


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