Pakistani Eid Dresses 2016 new

Stylish Collection of Pakistani Eid Dresses

To be honest, we all seem vehement about the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha. And we should be. We all want to look trendy on this huge religious feast.

Everyone these days seems concerned about their Eid Dresses. After all, everyone wants to look resplendent.

Therefore, our designers offer some best collections of Pakistani party dresses. They seem perfect for Eid.

À la mode

Speaking about Nomi Ansari, his bridal dresses look winsome. In addition, he presently offers embroidered chiffon collection.

These outfits seem sensuous and ready to wear as Eid Dresses. The beautiful Mehwish Hayat advertised them currently.

Similarly, Maria B offers her chiffon stock. The elegance of her outfits is reflected in her innovative clothing schemes. She proffers decent summer chiffon and net dresses that can be worn in evening parties.

Moreover, Bonanza and Nishat Linen suggests their tasteful collections. Nisha by Nishat Linen proposes chic Eid Dresses for women. It offers them in pret wear and un-stitched suits. On the other hand, bonanza proposes some really decent embroidered kurta for men. They seem modest. The embroidery can be seen on neckline, collar, back motif and cuffs.

Similarly, Junaid Jamshed offers his noble dresses for men and women. In fact, he seems to be one of the most dignified designers when it comes to Pakistani dresses.

Lastly, Sana Safinaz provides their foxy attires best for Eid and cocktail. Their fancy collections this year seem awe-inspiring. They have a broad color palette which gathers every woman’s attention. They offer pret wear and unstitched packaged full suits too.


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