Zara Shahjahan Latest Collection

Zara Shahjahan Latest Collection

Zara Shahjahan shortly known as Zara Shah was established in 2004 and Zara Shahjahan Latest Collection is out now. This quick-witted beauty graduated from National College of Arts (NCA).

She have always wanted to polish the feministic nature of females in a more customized and trendy way. As per her belief, she wants to make women beautiful. Now that’s what she did! She came up with such innovative schemes that forces you to feel that yes you are beautiful. You truly are! Your sense of style is your toe-confidence.

Smashing Hit

Zara Shah main outlet is based in Lahore; the axis of Pakistani fashion industry has a lot to offer. She has two magnificent categories Zara Shahjahan Latest Collection that are literally breath-taking. One of them is:

  1. Coco: it has the funkiest prints one can wear. A playful multi-colored collection of abstracts, architectural and graphical printsit is awe-inspiring. It has a mixture of trancentric, doodle and floral patterns. Not only kurtis, this class has solid collection with plain dyed kurtis or lightly embroidered shirts for a calmer look.
  2. Editorial: this class is a crowned class of Zara Shah! The outfits in this category actually leave you speechless and jaw dropped. There are basically 9 sub-classes in this one major class. They are:
  • Purple summer,
  • Luxury pret,
  • Orchid white,
  • Dahlia,
  • Rah-geer,
  • New vintage,
  • Oriental opulence,
  • City of gardens, and
  • New drop.

It won’t be wrong if you say Zara Shahjahan Latest Collection is the sugar and spice of our fashion industry’s main course.


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