Pakistani dresses

Why Pakistani dresses are famous in India

Trends of fashion have changed drastically in Pakistani dresses in the previous few years. These changes are however greatly influenced by styles and fashion of Hollywood.

In the 21st century, the world has become a global village. The whole world can be searched at home using a single device of communication. The showcase of Pakistani Fashionable dresses received huge applause across the world, particularly from India just after the boom of private TV channels.

According to Time of India, Pakistani dresses are widely copied in Indian printed designs or somehow the idea of the design is utilized to provide local Indian production. Recently, several celebs from Pakistan such as Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan, and Mawra Hocane have brilliantly performed and won the hearts of Indians.

Similarly, Pakistani Dramas have also attracted Indian viewer to watch complete serial of Pakistani dramas such as “Mera Naam Yousuf hai” “Humsafar” and “Pyarey Afzal”.

What was the most astonishing and positive part of Pakistani culture is that Indian consumers started to demand the dresses samples by showing female Pakistani drama celebs.Indian manufacturers and designers didn’t leave any gap to earn revenue. They designed dresses imitating from Pakistani side and presented to its consumers through local Indian fabric.

Though it was a blatant violation of intellectual property rights and copyrights, due to a weak judicial system of both countries and strife between the countries, the complaints from Islamabad didn’t work.


Let us discuss what was imitated from Pakistani designs which made Dehli to love Pakistani dresses.  Kurtas from Karachi brought an opportunity for businessmen in Muslim Dominated areas. On weekends, according to Indian Fashion Industry Statistics, the demand for palazzos, long kurtas and silken pants made in Pakistan were seen higher than the last year.

For Indian Muslims, tight-fitting clothes are not ideal and they prefer loose fit outfits made in Pakistan. Second, Pakistani outfits are elegant and display a look of local tradition and culture, while Indian designers focusing to show off a western touch in their work.

For some customers, the art of stitching is the primary feature to buy Pakistani dresses. When it is asked to show Karachi Cotton they ladies are of the opinion that the Kurtas are long having long sleeves and touch to a little bit above the ankles, and the unstitched Dresses can be stitched accordance with the measurement.  Though I am not a designer I personally observed this notion. In Dubai, South Indian ladies were demanding for Pakistani dresses while crossing through Meena Street, old and renowned L.


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