Why Ladies Love Sana Safinaz Dresses

I have got a new Sana Safinaz dress, see it, my mate, it is making me more good looking. This is Mishal from a private university in Karachi, saying her mate as they both stepped into the institute early morning. For a common person, it may be a useless statement but for some dress lovers, Sana Safinaz dresses matter.

Let us find out why ladies cry out for the two experienced and mother of all lawn designers.


Since the business is the second name of competition and the lawn is season is on its full swing, every designer puts its all effort to beat Sana Safinaz designs. But, the classy and glitzy ladies always beat the young designers and clinch top seal on the design list in Pakistan and abroad as well. Since 1990s they are highly groomed with lawn designs and they are called gifted designers who innovate new lawn trend every year and set its boundaries for some time.

It has been observed that young designers if they are successful to provide a new lawn design to consumers; the lack of variety is missed. In short, the range is very short. But, on the other side, these two renowned and classic ladies Sana and Safinaz possess a fantastic edge in this regard. They don’t only present new lawn designs and prints but in a vast range of variety. Hence, we can say ladies don’t have to throw bucks on other lawns. The whole saved money to be spent on Sana Safinaz fabulous lawn collection to create the impression and surely cultivate a graceful personality among mates.

One of the reasons to attract consumers, we can say; these two classy fashion designers try to portray the cultural appearance and heritage of Indo-Pakistan’s old civilization in their iconic dresses.

For a designer, it is really a cumbersome job to present 16 lawn prints in two colors in a season. This output of chic dresses, no doubt, shows a splendid class of world-class designers and make them versatile. The label “mothers of all lawns” rightly entitled to these shining ladies designers.

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