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What are Tulip Pants

Tulip Pants are new trendy drawers roaming in the markets. They are the new voguish pacemakers. These pants are tulip shaped hanging from the waist to the ankle. Their leg opening blooms like the petals of tulip flower in a continuous cut. They give a smooth fall from the overlapping pleats and panels on the front. They have straight belt waist band that doesn’t look baggy.Gathering a huge fan following especially of fashion freaked teenagers, they have rocked the jamborees with their handsomeness.


Tulip Pants have a diverse potpourri. They initially came out as straight slim-fit straight pants but now they are available in tulip shalwars, tulip trousers and tulip shorts. All of these strains are sui generis in their own virtuosity. They are abundantly available in different sizes, colors and fabrics.

New Arrivals

Arabic lawn and fine linen fabrics were initially used in the constitution of Tulip Pants to create fall. But, now silk and moonlight silk cloth is ranking high. They make you look like solid gold. Their faddish appearance is enough to polish your élan.

Your Pick

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