variety of pakistani dresses

Variety of Traditional Pakistani Dresses

There are a lot of varieties of Dresses worn all over the world. But, Pakistani suits seem the soul of any Asian wedding. Be it in Pakistan or Canada, Birmingham or Australia, Asian communities love to wear Indian and Pakistani Dresses. Both of these cultures depict a very rich traditional Mughal history in their outfits.

No doubt that we have modified a lot of attires according to our taste, preferences, and gatherings but still they are full of life.

One can find a wide variety of traditional Dresses in Pakistan. They start from our national dress Shalwar Kameez and dupatta. It has always been comfy. And strangely never gets out of fashion, its styling techniques change rapidly though.

From Patiala Shalwars and lose airy short kurtas to sometimes long kurtas with losing shalwars, they are always floating in the market.

Chooridar pajamas with Kurtis are other Pakistani dresses that can be worn formally and casually. It can be worn with long and short Kurtis depending on the current fashion style.

Lehngas and ghararas are perfect for any conventional Pakistani wedding.  A must wear for any Pakistani bride. Especially on their Baraat function, some people think their big day will be incomplete without a lehenga or a gharara.

Styled with fancy dabka and tilla work, they look so pretty. Lehnga is a type of skirt but with a big flare hanging from waist to toe. Gharara is a bit different. Its shape resembles a skirt too but has separation from legs. Also, its flare is not much wide.


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