tulip pant vs dhoti shalwar

You Buy Tulip Pants or Dhoti Shalwars

We are proud to claims that original Tulip Pants in Pakistan are only designed by us. Yes! We have the most genuine and trendy assortments of these drawers. Their authenticity is the result of the endless efforts made by our innovative fashion designers. We know you will never compromise your asperity when it comes to following the latest fashion.

Therefore, we offer the most up to the minute and unadulterated variety of these pants.


What do you buy – Tulip pant or Dhoti Shalwars? 

A lot of other varieties of these pants have been rolling in the local market and they are often confused with dhoti shalwars. Both of these clam diggers are completely different from one another. But because of the tailoring pattern, they are often mixed up. Here are some points to consider when buying them:

Tulip pants are cut in single piece. A single piece of cloth is seamed and given the shape of tulip bloom whereas dhoti shalwars don’t possess a single cut pattern. As observed in local market, mostly other ambiguous tulip pants and dhoti shalwars have 3 cloth pieces sewn together.


The fall of tulip pants is different from that of dhoti shalwars. Tulip pants have a bloom fall whereas dhoti shalwars are closed ended from the lower end.

The pleats of Tulip Pants overlap in a frilly manner whereas pleats of dhoti shalwars are separated from one another.

Tulip bloomers have front panels. Other pants seen in the local market have them on back. This gives them a fall as well but not the same as in tulips.


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