summer lawn 2016

Summer Lawn 2016 For Women

The years of 2013.,2014 and 2015 and all the previous years were full of clothes that could beat the hot clinching weather of our country with the best possible designs but what’s new in this Summer Lawn of 2016?

It’s the spirit! The spirit of combining all the light pastels with vibrant eye-catching colors, the passion of mixing flowery prints with abstracts, the dare of mixing up your emotions in a so well defined fabric that you don’t have to think twice about your mood and style before picking it up, because it constitutes all your preferences  in one quality attire.

Does age matter? No way! From our mothers and grandmothers to our lively party friends, all can be catered in this year’s premium collection.

Playing with ravishing, refreshing, bright pigments and serving you matchless collection is our slogan.  Our Summer Lawn 2016 can surely leave you in a cognitive dissonance of deciding between prints and colors so tempting that you won’t be able to resist.

We know how to take care of you that’s why we have started serving stitched Women’s Kurtis separately of all those unique and inimitable patterns that are also available in full un-stitched suits. Available in all sizes, you don’t have to beg your tailor to stitch that for you in the 11th hour.

Light summery but quality fabric is our sign. After a number of washes, it cannot be challenged.  Our catalogs are another way of accommodating you.

Now you can book those patterns online or on phone just after selecting from the catalog while sitting on the sofa sipping tea. Booking is for 7 days and you can grab those prints within this time.

This Summer Lawn 2016 and our trendy Women Kurtis stitched by our experts are just your way. You have to bring them to your closet!

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