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Undoubtedly, summer season bring joy and happiness for Pakistani girls as they witness new summer dresses with unique and fabulous prints. Summer arrival or summer deals are considered a shopping festival in Pakistan. The festival starts with wide range of varieties of summer outfits which are easily available in all major stores of Pakistan. Summer dresses sell is big source of revenue for textile mills and designers. team has prepared a list of some best summer outfits for Pakistani girls


Summer dresses of Ittehad are getting popular in Karachi as surveyed by the team. According to survey the textile mills apparels are amazing and are worth of purchasing owing to its fabric quality and admirable color combination of prints. From the given below pictures it can be noticed how colors combination is so perfect. Ittehad outfits, more, are stylish and can be used by all type of ages.


If you enter into a garment store, you will be fascinated toward different summer lawn arrivals. It cannot happen that girls will not visit stall of Warda collections.  How Warda collection tries best to provide different look that is the designer’s long shirts with palazzo, pajamas and trousers. Hence, there is mulitiple choice for purchasers. Additionally, Warda has in this summer come up with light embroidery on shirts and dupattas.


Origin is not a new name in Pakistan Fashion Industry. The fashion company is growing day by day. The designers of the company though having tough competition in the market particularly for summer season sale, they have buckled up themselves to create a market for them. No doubt, it is very difficult in Pakistan fashion industry for young and artistic designers to penetrate into the industry.

If any girl who has tried famous brands, she has still a better and viable option and it is origin. The most important thing to note there that the company is also selling stitched Summer dresses. So, whenever you are hurry to join a gala, it will take very short time to be read for the party. Shirts by origin displays traditional look and contains light colored prints.

One more point to add here, origin is proving all type of dresses for summer 2016. The prints are no doubt attractive and delightful but fabric quality is also excellent.

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