Summer Collections Dresses Boom

Summer Collections Dresses Boom

As the summer season approaches in Pakistan, the heartbeat speed of millions of girls shoots up as they wait for new lawn dresses designs. The stores are full of new lawn dresses. The keen interest of women in lawn dresses can be observed by some points.


First, the stores and designers get advance booking before the official date of the dress launch in the market. Second, garment companies start advertising and promotion campaigns of their new suit a couple of months to inform the dress lovers about the new stunning and fascinating appears of designs.

Third, it has been woman nature to look different from the other woman in a gathering. Interesting, there are is a big list of acclaimed designers in Pakistan and the same list goes with the garment and textile manufactures. And, these designers and textile manufacturers are nor popular only in Pakistan but earning huge revenue for the country through quality product export. Therefore, ladies, particularly in urban areas of the country, find a wide range of variety and they have multiple options to go with and choose the dresses for different occasions.

Fourth, the designers after having scientific research in the market, they are fully adept with the demand from the consumers and they left no stone unturned to attract their consumers in thousands on the first day only. It is very important to cite here a report that “summer lawn” which is a highly liked and stylish outfit for ladies in Pakistan was sold out in millions of meter on the very first day of its launch in a famous retail store of Karachi and some ladies who were unable to find the superb deal from the store, had to stage a protest outside the store.  On the second day of the launch of new dresses, the company received thousands of complaints about the early stock over the product.

Let’s discuss another appealing feature of summer suits. As already talked about, the textile industry after agriculture is the second-largest income generation for the country. Besides, manufacturers make clothes as per keeping their demands and their apparel and the ability to purchase as well. The quality of fabric plays a decisive role. A lady can find several designs on different fabrics. Quality fabric will cost more, surely. So, multiple choices of purchasing of elegant, graceful and spunky dresses’ designs magnetize thousands of women to come out from their comfort zones to make long queues to buy dresses.



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