Sindhi Embroidery

Sindhi Embroidery Dresses In Pakistan

Sindhi Embroidery designs are famous all over the world particularly in Pakistan. Embroidery is basically a part of Sindh province, but nowadays these lovely and stunning cultural designs are being used in digital prints and shirts.

Shirts designed with Sindhi embroidery, we can say now a part of national culture as previously it was part of Sindhi cultural.

Sindhi Fashion Designer

Fashion is the second name of change; change with some looks and in style. Let us discuss some unique features of this enriching embroidery. First, this cultural sewing is mostly filled on a shirt with sharp and dark colors. Second, a design is printed with colorful threads.

Sindhi Hand Made Dresses

The design looks charming and eye-catching when it is done with hands. Digital prints of Sindhi embroidery are also available in the market. But, the dress lovers love to buy handmade embroidery on shirts. Surely, expenditure of handmade work is higher than the computerized embroidery.

Sindhi Embroidery Dresses

Third, embroidery work is mainly suitable on substantial cotton or plain fabric. It is not suitable for lawn fabric.


You must have watched embroidery with pieces of glasses on TV or might have seen in a cloth market. The use of small glasses affixes more beauty in the stylish work of fashion.

Sindhi Dresses

Pakistan is a group of small nations, but none other than embroidery has called up the attention of glamorous designers and garment manufacturers.

Sindhi Embroidery

Sindhi embroidery dresses in Pakistan, can be found in personal fashion houses of designers in Karachi. Karachi is considered center of digital and handmade work of Sindhi embroidery.

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