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Popularity of Indian Dresses in Pakistan

There is no doubt that Pakistan is turning into a multicultural country day by day with respect to its fashion industry and Indian Dresses have made their place in our markets.

They are not restricted to India only but are worn by our locals too.  Even our very own designers have started designing Indian dresses and they organize ramp walks for the newest buyers. And why not?! Pakistan and India share the combine Mughal history and almost all Indian attires except those with a western touch are quite traditional.

Saris and Chooridaar sari being on top of the demand list have been preferred the most by people. Although Indian Dresses come in a lot of variety other than these two like GhaghraCholi and Angrakha, when it comes to Sarees, everything lags behind.

Whether it’s a formal saree with “dabkaykakaam” on it or whether it’s a simple Indian Banarsi Saree with a dull gold border hanging down, it will always give a sumptuous look. When you want to inspire someone with your aesthetic sense, elegance and opulent look, saris are a great pick.

Churidars, on the other hand, is another conventional Indian outfit that is on call. They look extremely traditional with both short and long Kurtis. Nowadays churidars are paired in bridal wears too with long and short gowns and maxis. Also, they can be worn casually.

Other Indian Dresses like Angrakha are also very popular. It’s a type of kurta that has a style of knot from left to extreme right. These are usually worn with a fancy look and are fit for big occasions.

So grab yourself the latest Indian Dresses in a market that suits your style, occasion, and personality.


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