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Patiala Trousers in Pakistan

As discussed in past blogs, fashion is a name of repeated ideas brought into play some years or decades ago. The world has become global in the 21st century. Cultural dress and fashion work get exposed within some days. Thanks to TV fashion shows and social media.

Patiala trousers in Pakistan are not new apparels but it is old wine in a new bottle and this new wine has become trendy casual wear in the country


Patiala is a district in Indian Punjab and these colorful and flamboyant trousers are baggy and widened. It is used by Punjabi girl, not all. It is a misconception so far. Yes, it is rooted in Punjab. The mostly short shirt is used with the trouser. Now different textile manufacturers are busy in new designs of the trousers.

Patiala trousers with shirts are again outfits of the summer season due to its dark and sharp color appearance. Whether it is a party or casual use, Patiala trouser is getting popular among girls. Recently the designers have presented this short shirt and Patiala dresses with two contrast colors.

Last year, the designers focused on multi-color presentation and this idea worked to gain recognition and demand in the market. Lahore’s Anarkali and Liberty markets were full of these beautiful dresses for up to three months. By noticing demand of Punjabi outfits, new and other designers have moved their heads towards this apparel.

One point is creditable to mention here that this Punjabi dress is cheaper than the other party dresses. So, the magnetizing point is that this outfit is OK for all types of gentries. Dress lovers whether getting ready for a party or casual use can find 20 different designs of Patiala trousers with shirts in the market.


The Punjabi dress will pull other’s eyes towards graceful personalities when girls wear colorful “Khussa, a type of shoe ware.” Without colorful and flowery khussa, the traditional and cultural trousers or dresses are incomplete to wear.

So, girls, what are you waiting for? Summer season is showing its peak time and it is a perfect time to be trendy with Patiala trousers.


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