Pakistani Dresses for Wedding Functions

Designing and tailoring of Pakistani dresses for wedding functions have no particular season in the country. It continues throughout the year. Wedding events remained off the scene during the holy of the month of Ramadan and Muharram.

In local traditional culture, brides love to take on long trousers (lengha) and with a shirt.

Since the wedding event breaks up into three main days i.e. mehndi (Hina) night, Shadi (marriage) from the bride side and walima (reception) by the groom; so girls cannot participate in the colorful event having three different outfits for the ceremony. Three apparel are anyhow must to wear on.

Mehndi, a practice organized from the bride side celebrated before shadi and walima days are marked with vibrant and dark bright colors such as a yellow shirt with a blue shirt, green shirt with yellow trouser and orange-colored Dupatta. The mehndi outfit further made glitzy with colorful bangles and flowery khussa (an old royal type of shoe).

Shadi (reception) the day on which the couple ties the knot is glamorized with red color outfits. Mostly red-colored Garara attire is chosen by the bride to wear on a special day.

Shadi ceremony is not complete with the eye-catching and attractive red-colored dress of the bride. Now, different colored garara being used. Red-colored dress is part of Pakistan’s tradition. It has been noticed in the urban areas where different colors of gararas are being tried.


Usually, heavy embroidery work is used in all types of wedding dresses in Pakistan. It takes some hours for boys to complete their shopping from A to Z. But, on the other hand, apart from joking, girls require two months to mark their shopping list to be a part of a magnificent wedding event. Heavy embroidery work requires time to tailors and designers to complete and undeniably this wedding outfit is costly and hardly used for once a time.


Certainly not in rural areas, but as usual urban centers of Pakistan, especially Karachi is hub of fashion and designing is setting a new trend of black colored dress. And, now black colored gararas are trendy in the market. You will not believe and as mentioned above on the shadi day red-colored garara is often used by the bride; now the sellers are getting a positive response for black garara with light embroidery.

This trend of fashion was promoted at the wedding of a PPP lawmaker Ms. Sharmila Farooqi. She wore a black garara on her wedding day along with her mother and the groom. In the picture, the group of the photo is approval from the consumers. Since then, girls in Karachi are trying to use this apparel. Besides, wedding dresses in Pakistan are also famous outfits along with garara.

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