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Pakistani Dresses Manufacturer Online

Finding a Pakistani Bridal Dresses Manufacturer seems to be a very difficult task for someone willing to purchase dresses in wholesale prices. is one of those best manufacturers of bridal, wedding, embroidered and party dresses which produces top quality products at reasonable and minimal prices.

Pakistani dresses manufacturer production capacity

Actually,  could produce any kind of dress – a customer intends to buy.  Since, we are having machines of sequence work, stonework, embroidery, patching, and prints, we produce all kinds of outfits for our customers.

Which kinds of products we produce?

  • All kinds of embroidery dresses
  • Stonework dresses
  • Embroidery badges
  • Embroidered Shirts
  • Printed Shirts & dresses
  • Sequin Dupattas
  • Embroidered Dupattas
  • Embroidered Trousers
  • Embroidery Patches
  • Heavy bridal dresses
  • Heavy party dresses

How to find dresses manufacturer online?

Actually, the manufacturing process involves a number of stages to follow. It begins with sampling. Once we are provided samples, we can easily estimate the prices and costs involved in making the product. Generally speaking, we often receive a lot of images from customers. But, making a product from images do not yield the same results that are produced from a given sample. Hence, a sample is very important to start with the process.

What is the requirement of manufacturing?

Basically, our company does not deal with single piece orders. We generally take bulk orders to process.  And all products have different requisites and requirements.  For example, the minimum order of bridal dresses is 88.

Hence, take a look at the following minimum quantity requisites:

  • Bridal Dresses (minimum 88 dresses)
  • Party Dresses (minimum 88 dresses)
  • Stonework dresses (minimum 88 dresses)
  • Lawn Dresses (minimum 48 dresses)
  • Cotton Dresses or Shirts (minimum 48 quantity)
  • Dupatta embroidery (minimum 1000) and So on.

Take a look at some of the dresses we produce for our customers

 What is the pricing of the products?

Obviously, the price of products vary. Some products require a lot of stitch counts and some require fewer efforts. Therefore, unless a sample is not checked and assessed, providing prices look very difficult. Moreover, all prices come manufacturing prices ideal for wholesalers and global suppliers.

Which kinds of machinery we have?

Basically, we have various units and we have made videos of a couple of them for our customers.

Afghani Traditional Dresses Manufacturer?

Besides, we also deal in afghani traditional and cultural dresses. Notwithstanding, we make top quality laces for traditional Pashtoon wear grossly liked by Pathan community living in different parts of the world. Actually, the traditional wear laces people use to craft afghani frocks with full flyer.

Hence, take a look at the following samples

Is this company legally registered?

Certainly, our company believes in abiding the law. And, we have legally registered our business before starting the business. Besides, we are a proud member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce since 2015. And, we have served thousands of customers Online. Therefore, Our taxation, registration, and company running the project details are given below:

  • FBR NTN No – 4366005-3
  • Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Membership No – 100526
  • The company name is “Swash Enterprises

Moreover, Pakistani Dresses Manufacturer, we also produce all kinds of embroidery products. Furthermore, we are a proud supplier of afghani dresses, Pashto dresses, traditional dresses in Pakistan. Hence, contact us at the following numbers given below;

For orders contact us at : +92-345-8970417 and +92-333-8985936



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