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Organic henna for hair in Wholesale

Purchasing henna for hair has been a gigantic task for people. Actually, another name of henna is mehndi and when it comes to dying and coloring of hands, feet, and hair, this product appears to have gained huge interest across the globe.

Most of the companies search online to buy pakistani mehndi and they end up with chemically laced products having shorter coloring results. Organic mehndi come in one color. Its longevity of color is more than chemically laced henna.

How to choose right henna powder?

Result of henna heavily depends on the nature of product. And, application of powder also brings different results. To determine how to choose right henna, take a look at the following comparison.

Chemically laced henna  has the following results

  1. Hands – 7 days
  2. Hair – 7 to 10 days
  3. Feet – 7 days

Comparatively organic mehndi has better results

  1. Hands – 15 to 20 days
  2. Hair – 1 month
  3. Feet – 15 to 20 days

Organic henna differs in color. It does not look greenish. Rather, it looks a bit darker. Obviously, the more henna is pure, the better results it is going to bring. Therefore, pure mehndi powder should be preferred.

How to apply henna in hair, hands and feet?

Application of henna needs to be carefully adhered. Women should make the henna recipe as follow

  1. One glass of warm water
  2. One bowl
  3. Henna powder
  4. Small spoon


  • Mix water with henna powder to the extent water dissolves fully
  • After mixing with powder, powder should be rubbed with spoon unless powder does not come in paste form
  • When you are done, do not apply immediately. Keep the paste in room for few hours to get better results

henna paste

Where to buy organic henna for hair online?

We are proud manufacturers of pure henna. Purity of henna is guaranteed. We harvest henna twice a year. And, we deliver all over the world in bulk quantity. Since we mainly deal henna in wholesale prices of our product come very competitive compared to other sellers. Certainly, our product has better results and we deliver 100% original henna.

Take a look at our henna powder in the following images:

henna hair dye

pakistani henna

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