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Latest Tulip Pants Designs of 2016

What a sensational buzz these Tulip Pants have created! They stepped in the market with simple plain black and white colors. Up till now, they are on the top of the demand list. And no doubt, they have a reason to remain so. Being pompous yet chichi is their trademark.

When you know how to carry these airy busters, they look extremely funky. They are here to make your scorching summers light and modish.

Hot Off the Press!

We know your taste and preferences. Every time we want to present you these Tulip Pants with something extraordinary trait. This time we have introduced them in a lithographed texture.

They are now available in self-printed fabric. Rather than going plain with multi-dimensional hues, we have come up with imprinted cloths for them. Light impression fabric is dyed to your choice of pigment and you get them straightaway.

Sundry Designs

Tulip Pants are now available in different designs. They are:

Straight or slim-fit: somehow similar to a straight pant, they look tighter from the front. They are slim fit and can be worn with short shirts.

Loose-fit: they are loosely fit pants with an airy look. They are perfect to beat grilling hot weather in a casual way.

Frilly: painting a complete picture of a tulip flower, they look extremely aureate. These bombastic showy bloomers when paired with tunic and capes give a hip-hop look.

On Call

These outré Tulip Pants are here to boost up your fad. Grab them and put your fashion on. You just have to place the order and we’ll be delivering them at your doorstep. Your order will be appreciated at least 5 days before. Hence, Call or What’s App: +92-333-8985936 , +92-345-8970417

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