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Latest Pakistani Boys Dresses Collection 2016

Latest Pakistani Kurta Collection

Kurta Collection is setting new records of selling in the country. Gone are the days when only boys used to wear simple shalwar kameez and shopping used to be considered only girls job and passion. Nowadays, the trend is changing. Boys want to be looked fashionable, trendy and stylish.

Hence, they are demanding seasonal dresses like girls outfits are manufactured by keeping the time of seasons, events and ceremonies. Therefore, the designers are working to meet the new demand for boy’s wear.

The demand for party suits, simple suits for casual use and wedding events have increased rapidly since 2013. The year 2015 set new records of selling boy’s dresses in the country. Though there are very fewer varieties of boy’s clothing last year paved the way for the designers to bring really something different, stylish, flashy designs in the market. The change and rise of the Latest Pakistani Dresses of boys can be gauged from the given below fabulous outfit picture.

The above-mentioned pictures display V chest with a single long round neckline, open sleeves, and light-colored embroidery. The designer has tried to reflect the simplicity and traditional look in his new boy’s wear design.

We can notice modifications in the neck and chest work. And, the design is being liked for Friday and party events.


In fashion shows and fashion schools, boys’ new fashion and designing work is portrayed to display creativity and the art of the designing of a student, but the designs are hardly available in the market. The designs if liked by someone are solely ordered.

There are, surely, men boutiques in major cities of the country where you cannot find only wedding dresses but the latest designs of casual outfits. We need to differentiate here to print work and designing. Both are two separate entities. In Karachi, Zamzama, Tauheed Commercial, and Tariq road are the hottest places for boys clothe shopping. In Lahore, boys can get their new summer attires from the Liberty Market. In the given below pictures, you can easily notice the Latest Pakistani Boys Collection.

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