Lala Dresses collection

Lala Dresses Collection 2016

Lala Dresses are selling like hot buns these days. The first brick of House of Lala was cemented in 1947. It accelerated from 1972 and has 4 distinctive retail brands. All of their dresses are divided into these cloth brand categories. They are appropriate for all age groups.


Lala Dresses are divided into:

Lala Classic: this was their very first cloth line to be announced. It has the quality of affordability with a dash of wonderful colors and your personal mode.

Kesa: retail brands include embroidered suits that are aesthetic in nature. From light to full embroidery, they have a broad range. Different styles of embroidery on their outfits look pleasing.

Vintage: antique color combinations with a pinch of embroidery are its symbol. Painting the old picture in a stylish way and innovative ideas, they have nailed it.

La Femme: in this category, they have all the traditional choices for you to offer. Conventional yet modish, these designs are artistic. La femme and Kesa re classified under house of Lala.

Sana and Samia: this was another label started by Lala Dresses. It included chiffon, lawn and winter clothes in a very affordable price range. It was further expanded to Magnifique and Celebre. They encompass embroidered mid-summer chiffon dresses.

Lala Dresses are gaining popularity day by day. Categorical classification of their dresses have made easier for customers to pick and choose. You only have to know what you actually want and it is there in the shelf.

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