Gul Ahmed Collection For Summer

Gul Ahmed Collection For Summer

Gul Ahmed Lawn sells one of the finest lawns in Pakistan. It is worth buying. And one of the oldest cloth brands in Pakistan. Their promised quality, outstanding prints and rich color combinations are its trademark.  Every year they launch their distinctive summer collection. Its designers have put their innovative ideas in their prints. Even after so many years, they haven’t compromised on their lawn quality.

Varieties of Gul Ahmed Lawn

Gul Ahmed Lawn caters a wide variety of customers in and outside of Pakistan. Their summer collections are the most demanded ones by people living abroad.  The collections are age appropriate. For young girls they have an open stock with vibrant colors and unique designs.

One can buy ready-made kurtas too other than un-stitched suit pieces. For middle aged women it has distinguishing prints with extraordinary pleasant hues. From a mixture of floral prints to abstracts, they are worth your money.

These days Gul Ahmed Lawn is selling unstitched women suits with separate embroidered patches. They need to get stitched on the front or back or on sleeves sometimes. These patches are sometimes made up of lacey net, applique and tilla work.

Gul Ahmed Lawn not only excels in women clothing but also in men’s clothing. They have stitched kurtas and unstitched suits for men too. Some ready-made kurtas have embroidery on them. One can even get their clothes stitched from their mastered tailors.


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