Pakistani Dresses

Embroidered Pakistani Dresses of 2016

Embroidered Pakistani Dresses look beautiful if use them on any event. They seem honorable products of our country. Actually, such dresses depict our handicraft culture.

Hundreds of families craft them in villages.  They sew them generally in rural areas. These dresses portray heavenly beauty of craft women-ship .

Inevitably they reflect untiring efforts of those families. In a word, they seem worth-praising.

Also, people living abroad highly demand them. They wear them on special occasions like weddings and Eid.


Besides, our local markets offer special varieties of Embroidered Pakistani Dresses. Multiple styles and patterns of embroideries look admirable. Some sell Sindhi embroidery. This includes herring bone stitch, ajrak and ralli making. In addition, they sell Multani karhayi. Uniquely, this can be seen on shawls.

Moreover, Kashmiri embroidery seems worth-buying too. Its patterns constructed with small mirrors cut into different shapes.

At present, these embroideries can be done by machines too. But people prefer the ones done that people craft manually. As a result, they seem more costly and classical.


Moreover, Embroidered Pakistani Dresses are offered with traditional accessories. For instance, Phumman. They come in small or big multi-colored thread balls hanging on the borders of kurtis or shalwars. They seem conventional and old-world craft. But still look winsome.


presently, different brands offer Embroidered Pakistani Dresses in reasonable rates. Every appearance of them looks like an extraordinary gold star. They provide them exclusively in pret wear.

However, they proffer unstitched suits in stock too. Similarly, these names offer embroidered footwear, handbags and accessories.


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