A Guide To Wear Pakistani Clothes

Several things should be taking note when you are buying a perfect dress. For ladies, shopping for dresses is no doubt a fun-filled activity but also equally frustrating and time-consuming. After all, dresses are some of the most necessary items in a woman’s wardrobe. So before buying any new dress, they should consider several factors. Such as their age, climate, comfort, durability in fabric according to their daily activities, material, and cut of the fabric. The first thing about buying a perfect dress is to choose a fabric according to suit the current weather. Velvet and linen are considered as heavy fabrics which are normally worn only in extremely cold weather. The cotton is the best choice and is more ideal for summers because it is light fabric.

Ladies have different taste for fashion. So it depends upon them that how fancy the equivalent their formal and casual look should be. Still there many things to think about before making your dress purchase. Here we will guide you to find the desired dress for the perfect occasion.

Age Factor

Whether you are buying casual or formal dresses, age does matter a lot. It has effects on the color pattern and style of the clothes. Some clothes which flatter on young age women may look odd when you reach a certain age. Like young girls dress patterns are more vibrant while older women should be more consider wearing more subtle shades. Some clothes look fabulous at every stage of age. But still, there are some people out who believe in age-related fashion dictum.

Body Shape

Every woman is different in size. When you know what style of dress works best for your shape, then it seems easier to get dressed. These five categories, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and diamond, are mostly loved by women. You should know about the different shades of the body you have. It will help you to understand that what is the appropriate type of dress will suit you for the occasions. The loose style clothes are mostly designed to flatter on all shapes of the body.

The Material of Fabric

There are a lot of types of fabrics available in the market to wear on different occasions. Depending on the taste and occasion of the buyer, clothes can be designed with different kinds of material. Yet there are many different fabrics available in the market for excellent women’s dress including:

  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Georgette
  • Khaddar
  • Lawn
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Woven

But before we dive into the pros and cons of each fabric, let hear about some highly demanded fabric including cotton and chiffon fabric. They are considered the most versatile due to their seasonal wearability. They both come in various types and sizes. Also, they can be dyed in several shades depend upon the taste and latest fashion.

Chiffon Clothes

These fabric clothes are highly demanded to wear on formal occasions like weddings and night outs. It features translucent and dedicated fabric and often used for making flowing gowns. It can be easily worn in summer and winters as well as adding a layer of fabric underneath. Though when determining the seasonality of a dress, sleeve style also comes into play. Formal wearing cotton is considered as the best fabric in both seasons. The cotton fabric consists of different weight and thickness and can be worn a whole year for formal wearing.

Khaddar Clothes

These clothes are favorites among women and girls. It is among the most renowned fashion dress in Pakistan. Kadder fabric covers all those features that are necessary to be kept when wearing a style for Muslim women. To make your personality more glory and attractive, trending khaddar clothes are the best choice to be worn. The best time to wear khaddar clothes in winter. You can enjoy wearing khaddar clothes which are completely trending and stylish. Pakistani women enjoy this weather because winter lasts for a very short time in Pakistan. So women want o to enjoy every bit of it. Winter has a special role in the fashion side as we can wear shawls which suit women of every age. These clothes can be worn on occasions like parties, formal and casual wear. Pakistani designers are working hard to showcase their collection at an international forum and many of them are pretty successful. You can find unique prints and beautiful thread work in khaddar designer collections.


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